Founder Speech

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi
Film Director | Film Producer | Lyricist | Story Teller


  1. Bangladesh Film Director Association ( BFDC)
  2. Bangladesh Film Producer and Distribution Association
  3. Life Member of IMPPA ( Indian motion picture and producer Association)
  4. Life Member of IFTDA ( Indian film and Television director Association)

Life time Member :
Indian Motion Pictures Producer Association (IMPPA)

Life time Member :
Indian Film and TV directors Association (IFTDA)

My Story of Starting a Film Production Company Turning Passion into Purpose:

I have always had a passion for filmmaking and visual storytelling. Ever since I was a kid filming silly shorts with my friends, I have dreamed of starting my own production company. Well, the time has finally come to turn that lifelong passion into my purpose. Most importantly, I will tell how I turned my passion for filmmaking into a successful, purpose-driven business even I am a corporate person. Get ready to dive into the world of independent film production and entrepreneurship. This is the story of how I turned my passion into my purpose and launched a film production company. Lights, camera, action – let’s begin!

If you have a vision that piques your interest, don’t be afraid to pursue it. Take the first step and follow your purpose. Maintain your commitment, keep learning, and never lose your enthusiasm. You’ll be living your dream before you know it! The world requires people who can channel their passion into meaningful work. I was ready to take the plunge as an independent filmmaker. I gathered a few friends, rented some equipment, and made a couple of short films on weekends. Were they Oscar-worthy? No, but I gained valuable skills.

Over the years, the Bangladeshi film industry has encountered a number of difficulties that have stifled its development and made it challenging for it to compete with other film companies around the world. Due to this, Bangladeshi films have difficulty finding an audience and have few options for domestic and international distribution.

Despite these obstacles, I am committed to revolutionizing and internationalizing Bangladesh’s film industry. Finally, I realized that in order to achieve global acclaim, I needed to make plans to collaborate with international talent, bringing new influences and expertise to Bangladeshi film production through collaborating internationally. The future of Bangladeshi cinema is looking very bright!

As a result, I realized to form a Film Company called ADDRIAN Productions where you can rely on filmmaking services. We can provide you with exactly what you require because we have an educated crew and a vast knowledge of global taste. I welcome all film production companies from around the world, as well as directors and producers, to work together to create something that the world desperately needs.