Addrian Productions is quickly becoming one of the top video production companies in Bangladesh. A golden opportunity awaits you with our unusual and noteworthy ideas. By incorporating creative films, television commercial ads, corporate videos, explainer videos, testimonial videos, and documentaries into our repertoire, we hope to become one of the best video production companies in Bangladesh and around the world.


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Writing A Script

At Addrian Productions, We understand that great writing is required for great videos. Our experienced writers will understand your target audience’s intellectual levels and develop unique ideas for narrating your concept in a way that will emotionally connect with your audience.


Addrian Productions ensures that the craftsmen and graphical software best suited for your film are assigned to you, that to a creatively diverse team of editors specializing in different areas of editing and Coloring. We will make the Foley sound to its background sound, which will be made by live playing if required, and the coloring grade to sound ambience will be perfectly suited to your requirements, either Dolby digital theater or 5.1 channel.


Addrian Productions, with a diverse roster of Directors and Experts versed in all avenues of production, is capable of handling High Definition to Film format shooting as well as special shoots such as Green Screen, Ariel, Live action animation, Streaming video, and Time Lapse shoots with ease. You can be confident that only the best shots will be used to create a film with a strong visual impact. Our team will scour the country for the ideal location for your script. And we will make everything perfect according to the budget you provide us.

Design & Sound Recording

The right audio can often complete the mood of any visual. Creating originals or manipulating stock background music from our music Personnel, adding narrations and dialogue clean up via Voice Over and Dubbing, and designing sound effects to create impact, recording, mixing, and so on are all handled by a team of professionals handpicked specifically for your project.

Film Festival

There is no doubt that the digital era has significantly increased the number of film productions and festival events, but it has also made competition extremely difficult. Many potential films and filmmakers have become lost in the shuffle. Today, it is extremely difficult for an independent filmmaker to gain exposure for his or her work. The goal of Addrian Productions “on Demand Services” is to promote potential filmmakers, films, and standard festivals. We provide comprehensive film and festival review writing services. Our specialized Consulting Services assist independent filmmakers at all stages of their projects.

Our film festival is held once a year, and you can submit your film using the form below. Addrian Production is affiliated with the news portal, and we are pleased to announce that we will organize an annual film festival for films that deserve to be recognized by global film makers via the filmfreeway of our festival TAROKA NEWS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. If you win an award in any of our categories, one of our writers will watch the entire film and write a review about it for our news portal.

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if you work in the media industry, you can write and post your article for free. However, it will be reviewed by our team by approval, and published within 24 hours in our portal, which will be accessible to people all over the world. This will be a fantastic reorganization for both your creation and yourself. We also publish interviews in our portal on Demand. Make contact with us.


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We always promote new and deserving candidates in national and international locations. Our artist works as a family member in our film, but if any other Production Company needs our artist, they can contact us. Here is a sample of their live portfolio that might be suitable for your project. You can hire them by reviewing their portfolio and following the steps outlined below.

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