The culture of Bengal has been washed away by nature, environment and time gap. As a result, bad culture has entered Bengal. Earlier Bengalis used to wait for an evening even after being tired after a hundred bed-and-breakfasts throughout the day. when will it be evening And when will they hear the song of the soil, their souls will be sobbing. Nowadays people don't have time to listen to music. Foreign TV channels spread not only in cities but also in rural areas. Today, burnt soil has entered the land of mud. This scorched soil is burning and making oil today, the blood and flesh of Bengali "The Clay" is such a life and reality.

Direction: Mh Mubasshir

Dialogue: Asmma Shawon

music: Md Syduzzaman Sumon, Sohan Jajabor

Cast: Omar Faruk, Shamim Sarkar, Maksuda Trisha, Sharmin Shimu, Ahmed Ripon, Amin Akbori

Production: ADDRIAN Productions