First time in Film history that a movie poster has been made out of clay.

Kagoz, a Bangladeshi film directed by Ali Zulfikar Zahedi, was released last December’20 22. The movie has hit the audience heart. The story of the movie is completely original which gives viewers the satisfaction of watching a really good movie after many years. The color of the movie, the background sound and songs were enjoyable. The director has done an excellent job with the writer’s philosophy in the movie “KAGOZ”. Ali Zulfikar Zahedi produced the film in addition to writing the story. it was needed more than 1 year to write the story and needed 5 months to set up the dialogue.

Mr. Rinku created the clay poster, which took him one month to complete. One poster is approximately 6 feet long and is supported by a wooden frame.

But above all, this movie poster was worth seeing for the first time in viewers. According to the director, this is also the first time in Film history that a movie poster has been made out of clay. Paper movie posters, which Director refers to as “MATIR POSTER,” have a special place in the history of Bangladeshi cinema. Presently, The director has placed the poster at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation for viewing by the general audience and film crews.

Hasan Jobayer

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