Terracotta ‘Paper’ poster at Film Archive. On the other hand, FDC has done negligence and vandalism

Where art is not valued, talent is not valued. However, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman made a significant contribution to the formation of the BFDC for the development of art and talent. His artistic terracotta poster for the film ‘Kagaz’ has fallen into disrepute. On the other hand, this poster has been carefully preserved in Jamuna Blockbuster’s VIP lounge, as well as in the Bangladesh Film Archive museum.

The film ‘Kagoz: The Paper,’ directed by Ali Zulfikar Zahedi, was released on December 23 of 2022. To bring about marketing innovation, it was decided to make the poster out of terracotta. An artist from Tangail named Rinku abstracted Zulfiqar Zahedi’s plan. At the time, two terracotta posters were created. One in the Jamuna Blockbuster corridor and one in the FDC, also known as the film studio. The poster is displayed in the amtala next to the first floor. Many visitors come to see this terracotta poster every day because of its aesthetics, and some even take photographs.

However, the director of the film ‘Kagoz’ discovered the terracotta poster in a broken state a few days ago. “Bangladesh film archive asked me to save this terracotta poster, I agree,” he said in this context. That’s why I went to FDC to get the one poster that was in BFDC, but the frame was broken, and the terracotta clay poster was broken. Who shifted the frame? The situation was immediately brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. They informed me that they would notify FDC’s managing director about the situation.

In response, Kabirul Rana, Joint Secretary General of the Directors’ Association, stated, “I was outside Dhaka, and I found out from you.” It’s heartbreaking. This is not what is supposed to happen. Only after watching the CC Camera will it be clear.

Meanwhile, the current managing director has no new ideas for FDC, which is known for its art practice. For a long time, I had icy relations with the association’s leaders. As a result, the amount of film production in FDC is decreasing, and the floors are now nearly empty.

Nuzhat Yasmin, Managing Director, was reached via phone but did not respond. “It’s sad,” said FDC security admin officer Shaheen. Next Monday, action will be taken by reviewing the CCTV footage.

It is believed that Ali Zulfikar Zahedi used the terracotta poster of the film ‘Kagoz’ for the first time in the world. “It has already been sent to the Guinness Book of Records, and I am waiting for their judgment,”

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi

Director, Producer and Writter

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