A corporate person turn into Film making

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi, born on January 1, 1976, is a Bangladeshi film director, film producer, and lyricist who works in the Bangladeshi film industry and television media. In the media, he is known as “Zulfikar Zahedi,” and he has appeared in over 50 songs, several short films, and feature films. He received the Many international award for his short film THE SOUND.

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi is also a corporate employee who works in marketing and business development for several multinational corporations. Ali Zulfikar Zahedi began his career as a Sales Executive with a Korean company in 1999, and he later founded several businesses. He is now the Country Manager for TERPAC Plastic International Inc in Bangladesh and India region.

After returning from Qatar, he began work on a TV fiction for a television channel. However, no TV channel has chosen to broadcast his fiction. He was brand new in 2016 and didn’t know anyone in the media industry. Few were known, but they had little influence in this industry, and his creation was posted on YouTube rather than a television channel. After this bad experience, he joined the TV Directors Guild of Bangladesh as a Director and produced a few TV fictions; however, the media person bluffed again,

Then he began to write songs, and he became well known in Bangladesh as a lyricist, and most of the singers became acquainted with him. As a fully lyricist, he began to produce audio and video for his songs not only in Bangladesh, but also in India and Aruba. And he also started an online news portal called TAROKA NEWS, which has caught the attention of many media outlets. Finally, he began filming again, but this time for a short film rather than for television. He made a few short films, including THE SOUND, which won numerous international awards.

Finally, in 2021, he decided to make a feature film called KAGOZ — THE PAPER. In the media industry, the name of the film and the poster of the film drew the attention of media personalities.

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi

Director, Producer and Writter

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