The poster of Bengali film KAGOZ has been displayed at the Bangladesh Film Archive Museum.

After many years, another innovation and creation in Bangladesh film industry history was recently placed to be kept in museum of Bangladesh film archive.

KAGOZ is a Bangladeshi classical film with a unique poster made entirely of clay, and the director Ali Zulfikar Zahedi claims that this is the first time in the world in the film industry that a poster made entirely of clay for a movie.

Bangladesh Film Archive has graciously accepted the invitation to keep that poster in their museum, where it will remain until the end of time.

The director, Ali Zulfikar Zahedi, is overjoyed and proud that his creation has found a home in a museum.

After many years, people are still excited to see his creation in the museum. Bangladesh Film Archive is an important film-related department within the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Bangladesh Film Archive is primarily concerned with the collection and preservation of classic films and film-related materials, film-related research, publication, and the implementation of film appreciation courses, among other things. Bangladesh Film Archive is extremely important. Film enthusiasts have higher hopes for Film Archive. Bangladesh Film Archive will be in an exclusive position.

People will learn about the history of Bangladeshi film, its objectives, activities, citizen charter, research, publication, film vault, collection, digital functions, innovation, preservation, and so on. The Bangladesh government established the archive in 1978. It became an independent institution in 1984. The archive donated Pramathesh Barua’s original print of ‘Devdas’ to India in 2016.

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi is a member of the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation as well as the Film Producer Association. Zahedi expresses his desire to keep his creation in the film Archive as a success of my creation’s milestone. As a first-time filmmaker, I am speechless. My cinema poster will be displayed in the film archive museum, which means a lot and will make history in Bangladesh Film Industry.

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi

Director, Producer and Writter

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