Ali Zulfikar Zahedi

Director, Producer and Writter

ADDRIAN Productions is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but its reach extends worldwide. Addrian Productions specializes in the production of short films, feature films, advertisements, corporate films, documentary films, and television commercials, whether in Bangladesh or abroad. We have the resources to make this happen. With over 7 years of combined production experience, we have a pool of highly creative, trained, and motivated professionals working to create unique and out-of-the-box content for their clients.

Saidul Islam Rana

KAGOZ” is not a typical Bangladeshi film; instead, it’s an intense thriller that will go down in Bangladeshi cinema history. which ADDRIAN Productions created. The romantic love story of a Bengali writer is depicted in this movie, which also shows how the writer’s philosophy affects society. For this movie, Addrian Production created a very creative poster, which is now kept in the Bangladesh Film Archive Museum as a classic work of art. I do pray for this production company and hope they will release many quality films in our country